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November 05, 2010


Kevin Dugan

David: We need a term for rolling through an entire season or more of a show thanks to magical inventions like Netflix. I railed through the entire series of Six Feet Under a couple of years ago. It was an awesome experience.

You've just caught up on Weeds and I would highly recommend Breaking Bad. I've followed Weeds closely and only caught a few episodes of Breaking Bad. But BB looks worth this same treatment. I should do the same.

This extreme, concentrated media consumption really didn't happen unless someone had a movie marathon before Netflix. It makes me wonder if media properties shouldn't offer a marathon option after they're done with a series. Much like iTunes allows you to buy individual tunes, what if you created a marathon option once sales had died down so someone could save a couple of bucks to see the whole series/season in one fell swoop? Right now the only incentive seems to be bonus content. And you risk the bonus content being sub par. This would cater to this emerging consumption habit that always on demand technology caters to.

Good stuff, good content, good discussion!

David Tokheim

Thanks Kevin. I love the idea of a marathon option. What if you could buy a season like Weeds, an actor, like Mary Louise Parker (sigh!)or a genre by year, like 2010 dark comedy?

I am downloading Breaking Bad as we speak!

Richard Rocca

Reel Video in Berkeley was my favorite video rental, they categorized video's by Director, Actor, Year and Genre - it was brilliant. Unfortunately they just closed their doors in July because of the disruptive innovations of Netflix and Hulu - Cal students are all about on-demand

After Breaking Bad I recommend The Wire!

Richard Rocca

Btw - you should start running non-house ads on your site.

David Tokheim

Thanks Richard. Everywhere I look I see Blockbuster's disappearing. Let the disruption continue!

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